First proper drawing i have done in about 3 months, but back at it again. I used charcoal, i want to use graphite again but just love how much depth and black you get from charcoal it excites me haha. Plus no horrible shining back in your face when you’ve spent hours working on something. I’d probably use graphite if i wanted something more realistic with more detail. Tried to play around with negative double exposure think ill be trying out some more stuff like this, feels like the right direction. I decided to title it “Trapped”.

Here is the time-lapse video, tried out a new camera stand that lets me film directly above without messing about, and having tripods on crazy angles.

World of Glass Open Art 2014

I have two pieces in the Godfrey Pilkington Art gallery, St. Helens in partnership with the World of Glass Museum. The exhibition is open till 5th of september and entry is free. Both pieces are available for purchase through the gallery. It’s the first time i have ever had something on display in a gallery so it was interesting and fun to see people talking about by work as they was walking past. If you’re in the area stop by and have a look at all the stuff on display and help support the gallery. (NW England)

Back Soon

Hey, Just wanted to say if anybody keeps up to date with my stuff i haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been busy doing college work but it comes to end next week then I’m off on holiday from couple weeks. From about mid july i will be posting a lot more, and producing more videos on my youtube channel. I always enjoy reading feedback and finding out what people would like to see in future videos, so be sure to leave a comment if there is something you would like to see. I’m really happy that i have been able to help some people out using my art, thank you!

Hammerhead Auction

Hammerhead charcoal drawing, this is currently up for auction till 1st of May. The @art_collective family are trying to raise money for @b_rad_or_die and @dana_anderson‘s dad Moab Jim he recently was diagnosed with leukemia and is now undergoing chemo treatment. Any donations will greatly help their medical bills. The charcoal drawing is being auctioned off by myself. It comes framed and ready to hang. The drawing Is A3 size in a 20×16″ frame. The person with the highest bid will be asked to contact me to make payment. Its on auction on the page along with lots of other artwork thats being auctioned, please leave bids in the comments. Thank you!